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Volunteer Information


With your help, we are able to heal little hurting hearts.

Camp Agape offers a unique and innovative summer camp program designed specifically for children who have suffered the loss of a loved one. The losses from which our children have suffered are great and range from cancer and illness, car wrecks, suicide, accidents, and even murder. Our service is available to ALL children between 7 and 12 years of age who are grieving and need support. The children learn they are not alone in their grief while making life long friendships giving them true HOPE for their future.

If you have additional questions, please fill out the Contact Us form, and a member of Camp Agape will be in touch shortly.


Volunteer Application 

(Please click or tap the link above to fill out the application.)

*Reminder: Volunteers must fill out a new application every year.



Volunteer Roles

*All volunteers ages 18+ must complete a thorough background check yearly.

Buddy (or mentor): As a Buddy, you must be 18 years or older (unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors) and will be paired with a camper to assist throughout the entire camp program. This role will be responsible for working with your camper through all activities including play-therapy, the candle lighting ceremony, devotional times, and physical activities. *Please be advised that being a buddy requires stamina! You will be with your child 24/7 and participating in all activities. Please keep this in mind when considering a position to volunteer for.

Lead Buddy: As the Lead Buddy, you will explain and supervise activities and will support the buddy/camper pairs in your group. You act as an integral part of the Camp Agape program by assisting a group of children throughout the entire camp program. This position is reserved for a past volunteer who has previously served as a Buddy and will be voted on by the Board of Directors. If not selected as the Lead Buddy, you will be placed as a Buddy in a group.

Counselor/Therapist: As one of the Counselors, you will observe the children in your assigned group during group-therapy activities and be available to analyze behavior and/or counsel with children as needed.  You will receive extensive training equipping you to lead play-therapy activities.

Spiritual Leader/Chaplain: As the spiritual leader, you will maintain a spiritual focus through prayer and Godly counsel throughout the camp program. You will lead mealtime prayers and follow the theme of the day for daily devotional times. Although everyone will be responsible for counseling and praying with campers, the spiritual leader may step in and further counsel children and volunteers as needed when counseling faith based issues.

Physician/RN: As a medical professional, you will examine each child as they arrive at camp reviewing their medical records and administer medications as needed throughout camp program.

High School Helper: As a high school helper, you will work directly with the activities coordinator helping to organize all camp activities throughout camp session. High School helpers are very important and will also participate with praise and worship.

Musical Leader/Guitar Players: As the musical leader, you will offer times of praise and worship through songs. You will teach the camp theme songs to the campers and volunteers and may recruit High School Helpers during these activities. The musical leader will lead the Footprints in the Sand skit performed on our special luau night.

Photographer: As a member of the photography team, you will be responsible for capturing photos of children and activities during the camp session to be used for promotional purposes and the Camp Agape scrapbook. The photography team will collaborate each evening and upload photos to our photo sharing account to share with the camper’s families back at home.

Equestrian Therapy Leader: As the leader of the equestrian activity, you will be responsible for collaborating with Camp Agape’s director to create a therapy program integrating the use of horses and will be responsible for monitoring children’s safety during this activity. Insurance is required.

Adult Helper/Floater: As an adult helper, you must be 18 years or older and will help with administrative duties, as well as help to organize activities.

Snack team: As a member of the snack team, you will make homemade snacks and treats to provide for campers during set snack times.

Agape Gift Makers: As an agape gift maker, you will be willing to work outside of camp to create crafts and gifts that the campers will be giving during camp program to take home with them.  If you are interested in joining this team, please contact our Director at Director@CampAgapeTexas.org

Prayer Team: As a member of our prayer team, you will be notified via email of children and volunteers who will be attending Camp Agape who are grieving and in need of support. You are someone who may not be able to physically attend Camp Agape and would like to support our ministry throughout the year. To join our prayer team, please contact our Director at Director@CampAgapeTexas.org

Volunteer/Staff Waiver (PDF) *New*

Click the link above to view and download the Camp Waiver.

Camp Rules (PDF)

Click the link above to view and download the Camp Rules.

Packing Guide (PDF)

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